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A Guide to Racing at Downs SC

Downs runs handicap points racing on Sundays from April to December, and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from May to August. Entry into each series is free and is open to members of the club (not applicable to social members).

The racing is split into 7 separate series as detailed, with the Sunday series being sailed in the morning, Tuesday and Thursday series sailed during the summer evenings. There is also a short informal Saturday series sailed on Saturday afternoons once the mid week evening series has stopped:

The Spring and Winter Points Series are sailed as one mass handicap fleet (although there are some separate fast and slow prizes awarded for the Winter Points). The Autumn Points, Tuesday evening and Thursday evening series are sailed in separate “Fast Handicap 1034PY and below” and “Slow Handicap” fleets, with separate starts.

The Sailing committee changed the format of the Summer and Sunday points a couple of season ago which worked well and will be continued this year. This will consist of separate races for all Double hander’s, Fast Handicap single hander’s and Slow Handicap single hander’s. The Double hander’s will start with the Fast Single Hander’s although they may sail different courses while the slow single hander’s will have a separate start.

The results for all handicap racing at Downs Sailing Club are calculated using the Downs Handicap Numbers, as published on the notice-board by the entrance to the gents changing room and on the club website (www.downssailingclub.co.uk).

These numbers are based on the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick Numbers with small adjustments to help slower boats in the strong tidal conditions experienced at Downs. Any changes will be published in advance. If there is no number shown for your class please contact the Sailing Secretary.

(Feb 2017)