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Downs Sailing Club


The Application Process

If you wish to join Downs SC, please complete a Member Application Form. Please don’t send any money until your application is approved.

1. Fees and subscriptions are not refundable.
2. As a condition of membership, all members must carry out duties as allocated on the racing programmes.
3. Club rules must be obeyed at all times.
4. Data Protection Policy: Downs Sailing Club stores and processes personal data for the purposes of administration of the club. We do not share data with third parties. We occasionally publish data for the convenience of club members, such as telephone and berthing lists. Members can request that their details be excluded from publication, by informing the Membership Secretary in writing.

Application for membership form PDF

Application for cadet membership form PDF                                            (Please select appropriate form)

Application for renewal of membership form PDF


2016 Membership fees

If you joined after September 2015 only the boat plot will be payable for 2016, if applicable.

  Before 31.1.16 After 31.1.16
FAMILY  £100 £110
FULL £65 £75
SECOND CLUB £35  £40
SOCIAL £40 £45
STUDENT £20 £25
CADET £20 £25
TEMPORARY   £25 One month
SINGLE HULL  £35 £40
MULTI HULL £40 £45
KAYAK  £10 £10
˚Subscriptions are payable on election and on 1st January each subsequent year

Please email any questions to membership@downssailingclub.co.uk