DSC Rota 2018 FAQ -- DutyMan

The club rota for 2018 is now live and ready for you to access and volunteer for duties. Please note that this list will evolve throughout the year with additional duties as and when there is a requirement, so please check on a regular basis to see the updates.

What is a duty at DOWNS SAILING CLUB

As a member of DOWNS Sailing Club you know the vast range of activities that we offer both on and off the water. And to do that we need your help. We ask each member to do up to six Club duties a year. If you want to do more then that's fantastic and that would help the Club function better than ever. Our racing programme is now so extensive that we are asking all members who are actively racing, to volunteer for six duties across the season.

And please remember that 'duties' are a great way to meet new friends, learn new skills and to ensure that our racing programme continues to flourish.

Duties are administered online through the DutyMan system which is now open.

We have a full and exciting programme of sailing events planned for 2018, and details of these are on the Club's website and in the Club handbook. We hope that you will enjoy 2018's events and will support the Club by volunteering through DutyMan ahead of the start of the season.

To log onto Dutyman follow this link ---link image

Details about DutyMan can be found in the handbook on page 18. Each year a new list of eligible members will be extracted from our Club database and loaded onto Dutyman, therefore, when you log on you may need to request a new password.

Don't worry about remembering this new password as you can simply change it to your old password, or something else if you prefer, when you log on for the first time.

If for any reason you do not get an email back from DutyMan you will need to contact downsrota@gmail.com as this may mean that the email address we have for you is incorrect and will need to be updated.

If you would like to do a duty concerned with dinghy racing, you can download information for Race Officers, Assistant Race Officers and other race management roles below to help you decide which role is best for you. If you have any difficulties there is a "How do I" link on DutyMan, which contains FAQ's to help you navigate the system you do not need to log on with either your name or password to access this link.

The allocation process enables you to select the types of duties, preferred dates, dates you wish to avoid and the number of duties you wish to do again, full details in the "How Do I" in DutyMan.

Once you have selected the duty you would like to do and signed up via DutyMan, you will receive e-mail reminders one month before your duty and one week before, so it is essential that your correct e-mail address is on the system.

If you find that you need to change a duty, it is your responsibility to find a substitute. The office does not do this. You can arrange a swap through the DutyMan system, but please think ahead and leave enough time for a replacement to be found, do not leave this until the last moment! Until a swap is confirmed, you are not relieved from your duty.

We look forward to seeing you during the season and thank you in advance for your help!