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Downs is very much a “Members” club and nearly all activities rely on the goodwill of members giving up their time for the benefit of others. Whilst this help is often on an informal basis, the club’s racing programme and canteen is supported by a formal duty rota system. (Dutyman website)
All members are expected to perform a minimum of 6 duties over the whole sailing season. These are not onerous and are a good way of getting to know other members and learning more about race & club organisation. Regular racers will not be disadvantaged by carrying out their duty. Firstly you will usually not be expected to do more than one duty in any race series, and secondly, you will be awarded average points for the race that you miss, provided you ensure the Race Officer on the Bridge records your name on the race sheets for the day.
The Club uses the DutyMan rota system. Each member will be emailed their own login details and a link to DutyMan on the Club website. The entire years sailing calendar will appear on DutyMan and members can then put their names down for the duties they can do. Members will receive automated email reminders of the duties they have agreed to do. If a member cannot do a duty that they have selected they can swap duties with other members using the message facility on DutyMan without having to know other members contact details. It is a member’s responsibility to find a replacement if they are unable to fulfil a duty they have put their name down for.

Please arrive at the club at least 1 hour before the scheduled race start time when you are on duty.
A brief explanation of the duties is given below:

Executive Officer:
Takes overall charge of the day’s racing. Makes decisions on whether to sail and sets the course with members of the Sailing Committee. This duty may be combined with either OOD or Safety Boat duty. If not involved in any other duties the Exec Officer may sail in the race.

OOD: (2 people)
The Officers of the Day staff the “Bridge” on top of the clubhouse and start / finish the races and calculate the results using the computer.

Safety Boats (2 people per boat)
The rescue boat is ALWAYS afloat for club racing. As well as laying the course marks, the boat’s prime concern is the safety of the competitors on the water.

Canteen: (1 / 2 people)
The Canteen is provided for the member’s benefit when they come ashore at the end of the race. It supplies hot drinks and quick snacks such as toasted sandwiches and hot dogs

March 2018