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2010 Reports

2010 Race Reports
Nineteen crews braved icy seas Boxing Day at Downs Sailing Club in blue skies and light winds. Boats had to be cleared of ice and many ropes and sails were literally frozen stiff !
Walmer Lifeboat took over the Rescue Boat duty; this is a tradition every Boxing Day and is part of the close links with Downs club and the R.N.L.I
One crew capsized and for the good of their health returned to shore immediately, in sea temperatures that are less than 4 degrees.
Steve and Judy Restall took the race in an RS200 from winter series rivals Simon Cory and Sebastian Hansell in a Buzz, third in a borrowed Laser was Olympic sailor Hugh Styles home for Christmas. All competitors complained of cold feet.
A raffle of unwanted christmas presents afterwards raised money for the local R.N.L.I.
Twelve intrepid boats were dragged through the thick snow on Sunday. Folk complained of frozen hands and feet. Thered, wind-chilled faces gave away in the clubhouse afterwards who had participated in the east wind!
Simon Cory and Claire Hansell's Buzz took 1st place and also won the winter series and the 'Winter Nip ' trophy with 6 wins overall. Second were Steve and Judy Restall in an RS200 who also came 2nd overall for the series. Third on the day was Tony Cooke in his Contender, but 3rd in the series were Richard White and Martyn Styles in their RS400 winning the 'Dog Bowl 'trophy.
'Hotshot' trophy for 1st cadet went to Oskar Bisset in his RSTera.
See you Boxing Day !
On Sunday, there was a lumpy launch in a lumpy northerly - although the sun did shine.

Fourteen boats braved the cold with 3 retirements , these included a snapped boom for Chris Shelton and Dave Webb in an RS400, cold toes and nose for Rosie Lord and the most bizarre, a cut ear lobe for Ken Davies after a capsize, in a tussle with a centreboard !

A technical question might arise here in that do the fittings on dinghies become more brittle in the cold ? Do toes become more brittle ?

It was the second win in a row for Simon Cory and Seb Hansell in the Buzz, brother Atticus was 2nd with Roger Philips in the Laser 2000 and Nigel Cureton was 3rd in his Contender.

There are only two races left for the year ending on the Boxing Day Blaster. Don't forget of course the New Year's Day race in the new year.

Despite the cold, a warming spagetti bolognese was being served from the food hatches, and very good it was, thankyou.

Kevin has lost an expensive pair of M&S underpants some where from the shoreline to the clubhouse can anybody help ?, Or can the joker hand them back please ..reward offered.
Racing on Sunday 5th December was full of unusual incident and unpredictable winds.
The cold still persists of course and the winds were sort of NE with an easy launch and landing.
Meanwhile Tim Waite who, having dashed home for some of his kit, on his return sprinted into the water and macho-like, head-butted the safety boat! Stunned and a little dazed with broken glasses he would later tell the chicks at the bar, fuelled by well-wishers' pints, the boat had come off worse.The gibberish was not to be confused with concussion for concerned medical types !
Numerous opinions about the course layout included a discussion with a local drift-netter who aptly drifted onto the course . Heated dicussions took place and a marker was moved as an emergency measure only forcing Roger to change course near the end of the race.
Oh yes, the results: well, Simon Cory and Seb Hansell were first in a Buzz, the \Restalls were 2nd in an RS200 and \Chris Stubbs and Frank Catt were 3rd in an RS400
F4 N.E winds, with a high tide, put the stamp of nobility on those brave enough to face the water for winter series 3 on Sunday.
In one of the most thrilling races of the whole year, 23 boats of 11 classes reached great speeds in all directions in rare sunshine of late.
Chris Dannican said afterwards “Half the time it was great, the other half I was terrified !”
Nigel Cureton's Contender crashed onto the beach literally first. Teams of helpers started assembling as waves became worse : 'boat' control took over, and double handers were landed first to provide more help. Single handers circled in a narrow corridor like sharks jettisoning the last energy. Second place went to Steve and Katie Restall in an RS200, Simon Cory and Clare Hansell were back in the 'old' Buzz for third and Tony Cook fourth in his Contender.
Boats with spinnakers were almost leaving the water at times, though strangely few capsized.
Big losers however were Ed and Sarah Styles who drifted to the pier upside down. Ed was blaming his crumby lifejacket (is that the Ninja turtle one ?) and a shoal of jellyfish lodged in his beard ! Sarah was snared in bladderwrack... its a tough world under the boat !
Phil Halldron capsized before the start and retired to preserve the new craft..
The debating group that had assembled around Rosie Lord's Comet finally decided to put her on the water after the race had started. This resulted in a 'masterclass' but did not stop her coming last !
Ben Hills in his laser was first small craft home and despite his self confessed “erratic visits “
proved he is difficult to beat in this class.
Let's see if next Sunday, after the banquet, sailors are as focused !
Remembrance Sunday was a suitably grim affair with torrential rain at times.
There was a promising start with a brusk southerly, but this disappeared soon after the start with more rain.
This was race two of the winter series, last weeks having been cancelled. There was also a good turnout of 18 boats.
There was a slightly confused start, as to whether there were two starts, with various hooters.
Richard White and Martyn Styles won overall in an RS400, Chris Stubbs and Frank Catt were 2nd in the same class, Ed and Sarah were 3rd in a Buzz.
The single handers were led home with Simon Cory unusually in a Laser for 4th, Eric Styles in 7th in the same class.
The Contender fleet were a disgruntled bunch in the light winds, some quitting and dreaming of the halcyon races of late when they were taking the top three places and others even towing their boat away!
Roger and Atticus missed a mark going in the wrong direction in a laser 2000, and no one capsized
making a boring trip for the rescue boat. The storm outfall was doing its stuff, pouring out black liquid, vomit and fag ends from the gutters for the last few.
Phil Halldron is now officially a Streaker sailor after a protracted purchase, and all this excitement ended in a large rainbow. Aaaaagh !
The last two autumn races ground to a halt on Hallowe'en in unusually warm,calm winds of late with rain.
Chris Dutton and Martin Wyman have been busy nibbling the ryvita again to gain that crucial weight advantage winning both races in their Buzz. Richard White and Rick Clemence were 2nd in an RS400 in the first race, 3rd to John Cass and Julia Blackman in Autumn points 7.
The slow race held no surprises with Chris Shelton's white torpedo 1st in both with Roger Philips and Danie Juden 2nd twice in a laser 2000.
The only interest story was a battle of the lasers for 3rd ,with Angus Bradley winning the first race and Ken Davies beating him in the 2nd race.
The 2nd race had 8 retirements in even less wind but at least the sun came out.
Don't forget folks that the winter series starts next week for the tough nuts-just one race- be there or be square !
Saturday the 23rd was cancelled due to a dangerous launch.
Sunday points 14 on the 24th October retained some big breakers, a NW, max 20 mph and a bright sun.
The fast handicap saw a win for John Cass and Julia Blackman in their Buzz, Tony Cook 2nd in a Contender (where were the others ?) and Mike Heeley and Chris Stubbs 3rd in an RS400.
Chris Shelton won the slow in a 'you know what', Simon Cory and Zara Brazil 2nd in an RS200
George Hyett 3rd in a Topper.
Autumn points 6 resulted in a cheeky revenge for Chris Dutton and Martin Wyman in their Buzz going from last to1st. Tony Cook was again 2nd.
The slow handicap result remained the same, other than Eric Styles took 3rd in a Laser after George sensibly retired.
It was unusual to see 'petrol head' Chris Dannican and Dave Spicer skimming the seas in a Laser 2000, finishing a credible 4th in the last race.
Meanwhile things had turned ugly in the lower orders with Rosie Lord exhausted from being inverted for the 3rd time finally surrendered to the rescue boat somewhere near the Royal Hotel !
In steps Mike Heeley, Just, with knees under chin and feet hanging over the sides sailing the Comet like a demon. “If only I could fit in these craft, I would do the nationals” he was heard to murmur as he slammed into the beach on his return.
Sunday Points 13 on 17th October had the legacy of the NE gales from the Saturday.
Each boat had to be hoisted by teams of up to 10 beyond the critical surf; the laser 2000's were abandoned.
In lumpy and clumpy seas it was a clean sweep for the 'old school' of craft. The first three craft in the fast were Contenders, Alan Moulett 1st, Nigel Cureton 2nd, Tony Cook 3rd, a Hornet was 4th.
Chris Shelton was 1st in his Phantom for the slow, Simon Cory and Seb Hansell 2nd in an RS200.
Autumn points 5 had calmer seas and a more relaxed atmosphere. Not for Tony Cook who went beserk in revenge, took 1st and forced the other Contenders back to 4th and 5th. “He was like a wild savage out there” mused one beaten competitor. Scary quite scary.
Ed and Sarah Styles were 2nd in a Buzz proving that modern boats are not totally obsolete !
Eric Styles and Heike were 2nd in the Hornet.
Simon Cory and Seb took the slow, Richard White in Chris Shelton's Phantom was 2nd. Chris was forced to retire in a Lark due to crew sea sickness. Clare Hansell was 3rd in a Laser Radial on a day of few small craft. Well done the brave
Saturday the 9th October hosted the 'Double hander training day ' kindly led by Dom and Jenny Johnson. 
It was warm, grey, East, 3-4 with a dodgy landing for the racing in the afternoon.
A fleet of laser 2000s were thus primed to take on all comers.
Old stagers never too old to learn John Sharvill and TimWaite were 1st , Peter Hyett and son George were 2nd and  Phil Halldron 3rd in  a Byte C2.  Although Rosie was given 3rd there still seems a mystery surrounding her handicap.
Sunday the 10th trembled with the forcast of NE gales, but 4 boats were determined to brave big waves and coffee coloured seas for Sunday points 12. The next race would be abandoned.
Tony Cook took 1st in a Contender, Richard White and Martyn Styles 2nd in a RS400. John Cass and Julia Blackman 3rd in a Buzz
Saturday the 2nd October hosted a cosy group in warm gentle southerlies with later rain squalls.
There was a power failure in the clubhouse and positions had to be calculated longhand : imagine slide rules, 3.142 , swearing etc.
Claire and Seb Hansell took the honours in their RS200, Phil Halldron 2nd in his Byte, with the wanderer of Ray and Diane Horton 3rd.
Sunday points 11 the next day proved scary for onlookers and sailors alike. Force 5 southerlies
kicked in causing numerous capsizes and dodgy landings.
Heike at one point was thrown from the Hornet onto the beach in a seated position ! John Cass took a couple of broadsides and various bits of kit went drifting towards the pier.
Still for the nervous and the sane onshore, the brave on the water were going terrific speeds at times, though the next race would be abandoned.
John Cass and Julia Blackman took the fast in a Buzz, 2nd the Hornet with Eric and the flying Heike 2nd , Alan Moulett in a Contender 3rd.
Simon Cory and Claire Hansell took the slow in an RS200, Rob Freeland just beat the next laser of Angus Bradley for 2nd.
Don't forget the 'Double Hander Training' next Saturday along with the usual racing. Yee-ha !
Saturday the18th of September managed a race, despite low numbers, due to racing elsewhere over the weekend.
Warm southerlies 2-3 gave decent winds at times and there was a stamp of nobility upon the small fleet.
Unbelievably Rosie Lord was first to the windward mark in her comet before being overhauled by the laser 2000 of Paul Harris and Atticus Hansell.
Heike caught Rosie and the two yo-yo ed for 4 laps in a titanic struggle of wits and guile.
Eventually the laser 2000 was 1st , Rosie 2nd, and Heike 3rd in her laser radial losing her 50m win on handicap .It was one of the most vicious confrontations of the season, and a passerby commented
'l ope they're friends on land mate' to which l replied 'yes' and less boringly 'thats the wonder of sailing' which wasn't much better and speaking as yet a non-sailor.
All on a Saturday- who would have thought it !
Of Course the 1st Saturday race meet was cancelled due to high winds.
Sunday was business as usual on a warm 12th September in 3-4 variable NW winds.
Sunday points 9 produced a win For Eric and Clinton Style in a Hornet with John Cass and Julia Blackman 2nd in a Buzz. Chris Shelton won the slow in a Phantom with Roger Philips and 'Denie'
2nd in a laser 2000.
Autumn points 1 had Tony Cook's Contender beat the Buzz of John Cass and Julia into 2nd.
At times lately there have been more Contenders on the water than Buzzes.
Chris Shelton again won the slow but performance of the day goes to Ed styles in a Topper , yes read Topper
Apparently Sarah is fed up with his garlic consumption.
He is threatening to take to the next race in the family Opie and with a new crew! He beat all the Topper darlings 60 years his junior, what a man.... what a race!
Notes of the day include a 5th place for Phil Halldron swopping his Byte for a Streaker which he is thinking of purchasing. Rosie Lord continues her high finishes thanks to the wrong handicap number... good tip there for budding bounders.
Sunday the 5th September hosted the Norman Atkins Trophy race. A three race event with two races to count on handicap.
There was a bizarre start with lots of 'Starboard' shouting, people having false starts, crossing the line, and wailing and someone had hiccups.
The winds were warm southerlies 3-4 , though this dropped for the first race.
The second race had more of a professional start and people had learnt from previous errors.
With a 10.15 a.m start the race would go on for nearly 3 hours. Not helped by the rescue boat being snagged on a lobster pot for some time between the 2nd and 3rd races !
There were 26 boats registered for the start, of 12 different classes. The most unusual sight was
Richard White sailing a Phantom, which could have been Chris Shelton's, he would later come 5th overall the highest placed single hander.
To my knowledge nobody capsized but there were some difficult landings and launches resulting in inverted craft in deceptive waves.
Overall winners were Seb Hansell and mother Clare in an RS200 with a 5th, 1st, 2nd.
Second were Roger Philips and Atticus Hansell in a Laser 2000 with a 4th , 10th , 1st.
Third were Ed and Sarah Styles in their Buzz with a 2nd ,9th,5th.

Footnote; Congratulations to young Kallani Styles in coming 2nd in the junior rib trials at Bewl Water last weekend .

Saturday sailing starts this coming Saturday but then it would'nt be any other day .

Many races of late have been cancelled due to 'school holiday weather', but it was fitting that the last evening race on thursday 26th August should be held without a hitch.
Ed and Sarah Styles took the honours in their Buzz with John Cass and Julia Blackman 2nd in the same class, Martyn Wyman and Chris Duttton 3rd same class.
Steve and Katie Restall won the slow in an RS200 with Seb Hansell and Alex 2nd same class.
Sunday the 29th started with the trepidation of NW gales sweeping in for the 2nd race. Therefore the 1st race saw 23 boats for sunday points 8 in an extended time.
Many boats went over including 7 retirements due mainly to' broken bits'.(metal)
The Contenders benefited of course with Nigel Cureton 1st, Tony Cook 2nd in the fast.
Frank Catt's Streaker might have been taken for part of the fast fleet for 1st, Roger Philips and Atticus Hansell 2nd in a laser 2000 in the slow.
Everyone seemed to be too exhausted to do summer points 15. Not for Nigel Cureton for 1st or Chris Dutton and Martyn Wyman for 2nd, in a gale that didn't arrive.
Simon Cory and Nathan Brazil swopped vessels to an RS200 from an RS800 to win in the slow, George Hyett 2nd - though these were the only two ! Where was everyone ?


• Commodores cup cancelled , high winds.
• Don't forget the new Saturday sailings start 11th September.
• The club has a new lampost outside - please do not drive trailers into it !

Tuesday the 3rd August saw father and son duo - Mitch (club professional) and father Dave Webb- win the fast handicap in an RS400, with Nigel Cureton's Contender 2nd. Brother and sister duo- Nathan and Zara Brazil- won the slow in an RS200 beating Seb Hansell and Alex Church in the same class for 2nd.
Sunday the 8th of August held Sunday points 6 with father and daughter duo- Sally and Martyn Styles- winning the fast in an RS400. (Related duos seem to be the norm in the summer holidays !)
Nigel Cureton again got a 2nd in his Contender.
Chris Shelton won the slow in his Phantom completing one more lap than Roger Philips and Atticus in a Laser 2000 for 2nd.
Summer points 13 launched 23 boats into the void. Winners of the fast remained the same but Tony Cook's Contender just beat Alan Moulett's for 2nd. Winners stayed the same for the slow.
Annie made a welcome return in her Byte for both races getting a 5th and a 4th behind new mystery
man 'Neale' in a laser.
Thursday the 12th August was blessed with an enormous rainbow, a funky orange sunset and 21 sparkling boats . John Cass and Julia Blackman in their Buzz were the least 'spaced out' in their Buzz to win with Chris Stubbs and Frank Catt 2nd in an RS400. Battle of the Contenders has been the most interesting class conflict in recent weeks and ended with new boy Alan Moulett beating the other two for 7th.
Steve and Kate Restall won the slow in an RS200 with mother and son duo Seb and Claire Hansell 2nd in the same class.
Please note folks that evening races next week start at 7p.m. I've never known the summer go so quickly ...cliche.. etc..and so on !
One of the more frenetic periods for the club has just finished, Regatta week.

The results for the Sunday handicap race were delayed , but here they are............
John Cass and Julia Blackman's Buzz swept the board in the fast with 2 wins and a 2nd.
Chris Dutton and Martyn Wyman were 2nd in the same class with 4th,2nd and 1st.
The slow handicap had all three races won by Frank Catt in his Streaker, with Seb and Clare Hansell 2nd in their RS200. At times these two boats seemed to be in another race from the rest of the fleet.
Tuesday was the Beauchamp vase, with the highest turnout of the year 28 boats.
Richard White and Martyn Styles reigned supreme in their RS400, Frank Catt and Chris Stubbs 2nd in the same class. First single hander was Neil Farr's Laser in 9th.
Wednesday hosted the 'Bank Buoy Scramble', in showers and a vicious tide. 22 boats made it around this distant mark. Richard White and Martyn Styles added to their Tuesday win, with Chris Dutton and Martin Wyman 2nd in a Buzz. The old duo Chris Shelton and Dave Webb were reunited to come 3rd in a RS400. Leading single hander was Mark Styles in his laser for 4th.
Sunday the 1st August had nice conditions SW 2-3 then gusting 4 at times for the 2nd race.
Summer ;points 12 had Ed and Sarah Styles win the fast in their Buzz, John Cass and Julia Blackman 2nd in the same class.
Chris Shelton won the slow in his Phantom doing 200 more laps than the rest!, Zara Brazil and
'Scarlett' ( OHara ? ) 2nd in a RS200. Oh yes, another Phantom was spotted on the water........
Sunday points 5 saw a repeat of the fast race, the slow saw Chris Shelton trudge a lowly 3 laps to win followed by a a Contenderless Nigel Cureton in a Laser. Rob Freeland and son Peter were 3rd in
a laser 2000.
Footnote; delicious food left over from the 5oth party at the club. Numbers are thin on the ground Cowes week, holidays, trench foot. So now is the time to sail to overhaul the big boys !
Annie Lindley and husband Pete were seen with their new dog, after the previous one had mauled both of them.... they should be sailing again soon.
Sunday points 4 on the 18th July saw some wicked and awesome southerlies (teenager speak for the
summer holidays).
Eric Styles and crew won the fast in a Hornet, Ed and Sarah's Buzz 2nd , these were the only two finishers. Chris Shelton won the slow , with the extraordinary sight of Simon Cory in a Streaker !
He was 2nd. He has now realised how fast the slow handicap boats can be. Five boats did not finish.
Summer points 10 followed in rising winds and a much reduced fleet. Eric Styles and his Hornet took the honours and was the only fast finisher.
The slow handicap saw a repeat of the first race result....scary.
Tuesday was cancelled due to a millpond being present.
Thursday the 22nd had a cheeky southerly which died at the end. Richard White and Martyn Styles took the fast in an RS400, Chris Stubbs and Frank Catt 2nd in the same class.
Roger Philips and D.Juden won the slow in a laser 2000, Peter Hyett and Gareth 2nd in the same class.
Well done Roger for going round the correct mark , no one else did and were deducted a lap!
The mark was hidden between lobster pots....wierd.
Cool gossip; Rosie Lord had her new X rig up and running, despite her other half ripping it before it saw action .
For all you pool fanatics the cue ball has been found inside the table along with 14 chalks and £45......Crazy!
 Sunday points 3, the 11th July, had some fairly frightening seas and a small field as a consequence.
Ed and Sarah's Buzz took the fast, John Cass and Zara Brazil 2nd in the same class.
Chris Shelton took the slow , Roger Philips and Atticus Hansell 2nd in an Laser 2000.
For summer points 10 the SW wind became more ugly and many smaller boats struggled.
Stuart Bradbeer was forced to retire injured, with a bump the size of a grapefruit, it was agonising watching him tack on auto pilot trying to hit the beach. Luckily he's o.k and the lump has a name!
Richard White and Martyn Styles won the fast in their RS400, Chris Stubbs and Rick Clemence 2nd in the same class. The slow handicap, to save ink, was the same as the last race.
Tuesday the 13th was a run of the mill evening, Chris and Helen Stubbs won the fast in an RS400, Ed and Sarah 2nd .... in you know what.
Battle of the weight differences took place in the slow with the Restall's RS200 just beating Seb and Alex Church in their RS200.
It was a miracle that after gale force gusts in the afternoon that thursday any racing took place.
Nigel Cureton's contender won the fast, Ed and Sarah 2nd.
Eric Styles took new member 'Mandy' out in his Hornet and promptly capsized ! He steadied his composure later though by giving a technical lecture to the canteen crew on cheese toasties.
Steve and Judy Restall's RS200 won the slow, Chris Shelton 2nd.
The bridge crew took some stick that the race should have been stopped earlier for the winds ended at zero.
Tuesday the 6th July was a good turn out of 20 boats , and a good excuse to escape the heat of land.
Chris and Helen Stubbs took the fast in an RS400, Ed and Sarah Styles 2nd in their Buzz.
Steve and Judy Restall were first in the slow, Frank Catt 2nd in his Streaker.
Thursday had all the drama, with a decent southerly, gin clear France , a strong tide, and a disastrous finish :the wind plummeted to Zero at the end, forcing 9 boats to tow themselves back along the beach.
Those brave enough to risk having a tow from the safety boat were berated by Simon Cory for creating ' an ugly disturbance' and pushing his boat backwards !
The battle of the big guns in the same class of RS400 ,took place with illustrious crews.
But it was regulars Richard White and Martyn Styles 1st, Chris Stubbs and Frank Catt 2nd, Chris Shelton and Dave Webb 3rd.
As if to rub salt in the wound Chris was viciously attacked..................... by July Bugs outside the clubhouse ..shame.
Oh yes, Steve and Judy Restall won the slow but performance of the night goes to Rob Freeland in his laser who clinched 2nd . He never gave up but wiggled his rudder, stayed 4ft of the beach and caught the draft of a passing man's kilt !
Friday night had perfect conditions for the juniors and a glowing report from the RYA inspector
but with Martyn running things what do you expect.
Redoubt was even better on the Saturday with the most perfect winds that stayed constant and it was a sheer delight to be present. Thanks to everyone along with our hosts.
Tuesday the 29th of June had a good turnout in the present heatwave.
Eric Styles and Alex Church retired from their first place after hitting a marker in a Hornet.This left John Cass and Julia Blackman's Buzz, George Hyett and Ed styles in 2nd, Martin Wyman and Chris Dutton 3rd all in the same class.
Frank Catt won the slow in his Streaker, Steve and Katie Restall 2nd in an RS200, Nathan and Zara Brazil 3rd also in an RS200.
Thursday the 1st July had 19 boats the same as Tuesday, and the same winner in the fast with
Simon Cory and Nathan Brazil 2nd in an RS800, Ed and Sarah Styles 3rd in a Buzz.
Seb and Clare Hansell won the slow in an RS200, Tim Waite and John Sharvill 2nd in a laser 2000
another remarkable result and Rob Freeland 3rd in his laser.
On the hottest day of the year Friday, the juniors were confronted by still water, a strange hot air
culminated in a pseudo storm and racing was then abandoned. The Sandwich camp took place over the weekend and events will be reported.
Sunday the 4th, American Independence and the 'Queen Mother Cup'. In a beautiful, glinting, brisk southerly. John Sharvill enthused “ this is what sailing is all about here !” If I could sail I could believe him !
However the wind started gusting 5 , 5 boats retired , Not Chris Shelton winning in his Phantom. Nigel Cureton 2nd in a Contender, Ed and Sarah 3rd.
A steady 4 gusting 5 saw 16 boats listed as DNF for the Sunday points. There was some confusion over fast fleet retirements , Ed Styles in particular seemed perplexed at some decisions made or unmade , undone or reversed.
Nigel Cureton won the fast in a contender, Simon Cory and Zara Brazil 2nd in an RS500,the only two to finish !
Chris Shelton won the slow in a Phantom , Tim Waite and John Sharvill 2nd in a laser 2000 another remarkable result........ that's twice in one day ! Ben Hills best of the lasers in 3rd.
Conclusions; Well there could be no better place than on the sea in a heatwave .
Focus; Who is top laser at the moment ? Ben Hills might have that claim, not forgetting the new laser trophy.
Tuesday the 22nd of June had an excellent 22 boats despite the Tuesday reputation of cancellations
of late.
Chris and Helen Stubbs took 1st in the fast in an RS400, Ed and Sarah Styles 2nd in a Buzz, John Cass and Julia Blackman 3rd in the same class.
Steve and Judy Restall cleverly avoid Chris Shelton in the week to scoop the slow races in an RS200 , Mark Styles 2nd in a laser, Nathan and Zara Brazil 3rd in an RS200.
Thursday the 24th had 24 boats of 12 classes in gentle southerlys.
Richard White and Martyn Styles took the fast in an RS400, Chris Stubbs and Frank Catt 2nd in an RS400. Steve and Judy Restall did their stuff ,and new wonder duo Roger Philips and Toby Freeland were 2nd in a laser 2000.
Sunday points saw temperatures rise to 30 degrees across Kent, and all too gentle southerlys and strong tides.
Ed and Sarah Styles won the fast in a Buzz,John Cass and Julia Blackman 2nd in the same class in a field of only 4. Chris Shelton's Phantom was 1st in the slow, Roger philips and Toby Freeland 2nd in a laser 2000.
Summer points had more wind yet a vicious tide to halt the slow fleet except Chris Shelton of course.
Chris Dutton and Martin Wyman won their 2nd race of the year in a Buzz, Simon Cory and Nathan Brazil had their best result of the year for 2nd in an RS800 ,yes upright.
The results of the slow were the same as the first race, Chris look out !
The results of the ladies race are on the way but the wind was rising !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'The North wind doth blow and we shall have ............. No sailing' for Tuesday and Thursday.
Perhaps there shouldn't have been on the Sunday the 20th June with gusts of F5, heavy waves for launching and the Sunday points cancelled.
A small fleet were mad enough however to attempt the summer points 7 but many fell victim and a 2nd safety boat was launched. Tony Cook's contender had nearly pulled his arm off in a tangle of wires, Simon Cory's RS800 was rarely upright, a cadet crew in a Feva drifted upside down nearly to France. Rosie Lord's comet was shipwrecked drifting to Walmer and Kevin Lord nearly drowned launching the Feva and has by popular demand decided to wear a crewsaver !
Apart from all of this 'Riders of the storm' can be applied to a noble Dom and Jenny Johnson in their RS800, Nigel Cureton 2nd in a Contender, John Cass and Julia Blackman 3rd in a Buzz.
Only two boats finished in the slow fleet. Chris Shelton 1st in you know what and Ben Hills 2nd in a laser.
Tuesday the 8th June actually had sailing ! Although the Thursday this time would be cancelled due to high winds.
Ed and Sarah's Buzz took the honours with Chris and Helen Stubbs 2nd in an RS400. Steve and Judy Restall won the slow in an RS200 with Roger Philips and George Hyett 2nd in a laser 2000.
Saturday 'Dover Watersports' hosted the KSSA training day for junior sailors. There were children mainly from Downs but also Broadstairs , Dover, Margate.
Boats included Fevas, Teras, Qbas and Toppers. Numerous races were held with George Hyett and Alex Lane winning the Fevas and Toby Freeland winning the Toppers. Martyn Styles was the 'beachmaster' but Clare Hansell was lead mermaid.
Sunday the 13th had the vile combination of wind and tide against the boats and a distinct lack of the SW stuff.
The last 'lets get Racin' was held for the year, though there seems some confusion as to the winners. Blank sailing an RS900 was first which seems strange Seb and Jason Hansell 2nd in their RS200.
With a late start the big race suffered the same conditions. Richard White and Martyn Styles won the fast in an RS400, John Cass and Julia Blackman 2nd in a Buzz. It was good to see an outing for Brian Cory's leviathan A class cat.
Naturally Chris Shelton's Phantom was unaffected by the mere tide and lack of wind for 1st, Roger Philips and Atticus 2nd in a laser 2000. Rob Freeland a noble 3rd in his laser.
Tuesday the 1st of June took place, or perhaps it shouldn't !
Only 5 boats dared to brave rough seas. Seb and Jason Hansell won the slow race in a RS200, but then they were the only starters. Ed and Sarah won the fast.
Thursday was a strange forceful northerly but slowly decreased. Richard White and Nathan Brazil won the fast in an RS400, Chris Stubbs and Frank Catt 2nd in the same class.
Steve and Judy Restall took the slow in an RS200, Eric Styles 2nd in a Laser.
Saturday at Redoubt was yet another successful day in excellent conditions. Highlights included
spinnaker training on the RS Fevas, and a ladies race for mums in Toppers.
'Let's get Racin' on Sunday had a pleasant SW, with George Hyett's Topper beating all and Osker Bisset 2nd in a Tera, Phil Halldron 3rd in a Byte.
By the time the big race was due the variable SW had wilted to pitiful. How 25 boats ever started is a miracle and of course the wind picked up when everyone finished !
What drama in the fast fleet ! A very rare win for Chris Dutton and Martin Wyman's Buzz forcing in form Ed and Sarah into 2nd - wow ! Chris and Helen Stubbs were 3rd in an RS400. Tony Cook was last, but then he was bloated with pasties and clotted cream from Contender nationals in Cornwall since Friday.
Chris Shelton of course won the slow in a Phantom, Roger Philips and Atticus 2nd in a Laser 2000.
A cheeky 3rd for Oskar Bisset in his Tera.
Many boats were over the line at the start and failed to return taking penalties, all except Rosie Lord's Comet who was rewarded by snaring a lobster pot for 6 minutes.
A hot tip from a passing Chis Shelton “ raise your centerboard” helped. Typically, Rosie wouldn't have known that, but put this theory into practice after the slow fleet had left her behind. Shame.
 A cornucopia of sailing has been going on except the usual Tuesday night blow out of course.
Thursday was a delicious evening with strange off shore winds yet barely a flutter on land.
Ed and Sarah Styles took the fast race in a Buzz with Richard White and Martin Wyman 2nd in an RS400.
Bob Freeland in a laser was 1st in the slow with Seb and Jason Hansell 2nd in their RS200.
Saturday was Stour race day with 5 Downs boats and 2 Sandwich, in testy conditions.
Ed and Sarah Styles again came up trumps, no wonder they would take Monday off !
Sunday the 30th had ' Let's get Racin' 3 in good conditions. Paul Harris and John Cass were first in
a laser 2000, Sarah Hyett was 2nd in a Topper.
Next up was 'Summer points 4' in a proffered NNW but rising and turning ugly. There was a distant distant mark, big seas and evil gusts.
At one point there were 5 boat inverted. Though it was just another day at the office for Frank Catt in his Streaker ,who last capsized in 1971.(I'm guessing) Ben Hills laser was a close 2nd.
John Cass and Julia Blackman the ' 3rd place merchants' finally got their win in their Buzz with Nigel Cureton's Contender 2nd.
Simon Cory and Nathan Brazil's RS800 might have broken the record for capsizes but they persevered. Rosie Lord's Mino finally went over resulting in a return to base tutt tutt!
The Fred Herbert trophy races on Bank Holiday Monday saw a small fleet in a nasty NW. Luckily the delicious goulash from the previous day was still on hand !
Chris Shelton's Phantom went into overdrive with the familiar crew re-united of Richard White and Martyn Styles 2nd in an RS400 .
The warm weather of late has caused mirror like seas for Thursday and Sunday with last Tuesday being cancelled with a tempest.
Thursday had Richard White and Martin Wyman not Styles drifting to a win in an RS400 with Chris Stubbs and Frank Catt in the same class 2nd.
Steve and Judy Restall won the very slow handicap in an RS200 with the new threat Clare and Seb Hansell 2nd in the same class.
There was a new outing for father and son duo Chris and Max Shelton in a club first 'Lark'.
Chris described it “as a cheap old wreck similar to the Africa Queen”. Actually it looked rather swanky, fibreglass , large cockpit though the inboard steam engine flouts club rules !
Saturday the 22nd was a gem of a day for 20 club youngsters at Redoubt Sailing Club Hythe. Near perfect conditions with northerly winds and brilliant sunshine. The 3 new RS Fevas on loan from the RYA were in action for the first time and gave the more advanced crew training with the 2nd sail.
Thanks to our chums at Redoubt and the army of Downs club helpers especially John Sharvill and Chris Shelton.
Sunday's 'Lets get racin' had the best weather with a gentle NE wind and a win for Jason Hansell in a laser Radial with Sarah Hyatt 2nd in a Topper.
After that things went downhill rapidly with the light winds dissipating to zero. Twenty seven boats took to the water, yet 10 in the slow fleet were unable to complete a single lap. Two boats did not even cross the start line.
Eric Styles's Hornet drifted in 1st but took honourable discharge arranged with the bridge for having a single crew. Therefore 1st went to Richard White and Tony Cook in an RS400 with Mark and Clinton Styles 2nd in a Hornet.
Steve and Judy Restall took 1st in the slow with Chris Shelton's Phantom 2nd.
Arguments raged over Chris and Clare Stubbs RS400, were they over the start line ? Did they double back far enough ? Should anyone have gone out at all? and so on and so forth.
The RS Fevas are at Downs for 2 weeks before going to Redoubt again so take advantage .
If you thought all that was exhausting l left Sunday as Chris Dannicans's powerboat course was starting and a coterie of kayaks were taking to the water..... what is the point of dry land ?
16 boats took part in the single hander training on Saturday the 8th hosted by Mitch Webb in NE winds which would become far more vibrant for Sunday
Sunday the club hosted a Topper and Laser open meeting with 7 different clubs taking part.
There were single starts in 3 separate races with Toppers, plus the new 4.2 class, laser radials and standard rigs.
Club member Nathan Brazil was the highest placed local in a credible 4th overall. But racing machine Oli Greber from the Pevensey Bay club won all three races. A member from the same club also took the 4.2 class.
Now, the lasers were a different story with Downs taking the first 4 places....... though it must be said there were only 4 competitors!
Seb Hansell took first in a laser radial with Ben Hills 2nd in a full rig.
There was a presentation afterwards in what was a successful meeting in testing conditions.
Thanks to all club members who gave their time from the 3 rescue boats , the bridge crew and
the canteen. Apologies to the afternoon grandees drinking club as the club was a little raucous for them though!
Pernicious weather hit the club on Sunday, that's if anyone could get in or out due to the flooding ! The whole of May's rainfall fell in 24 hours and NE gales set in to cancel racing on the bank holiday Monday.
The spring points 6 was finished early due to the constant becalmings and with only one lap completed Ed and Sarah Styles in their Buzz were awarded the win along with Seb and Jason Hansell 2nd in a RS200 with Phil and Katie Spicer 3rd in a laser 2000.
Morose sailors were suddenly beginning to move at this point though everyone was saturated and the temperature started to drop. As summer points started an ugly NE gale began to set in. This caused some electrifying speeds, especially from Dom and Jenny Johnson in an RS800 downwind and they seemed to complete 4 circuits in minutes. Though this was still not enough to overhaul steady Ed and Sarah with Jon Cass and Julia in 3rd.
It was a difficult balancing act for the bridge and everyone was caught off guard by the rapid swings though some boats were eventually damaged and crews frozen.
It was a great show from the clubhouse with hot beverages all round and a secret admiration for those the other side of the glass.
Still cheer up folks!, the balmy evening sails start this week .
Sunday the 25th April had 25 craft of 13 different classes in the first SW of the racing year.
There was one squall of rain and light breezes with only one to a max of 10knots.
An unusual partnership took the race in the form of Judy Restall and Richard White in an RS200, Chris Shelton was 2nd in his Phantom, Ed and Sarah were 3rd in a Buzz despite slowing near the end. Frank Catt broke the back of the Buzz fleet by taking 4th.
Notable incidents included frequent capsizing of Simon Cory and Nathan Brazil in a new RS800.
Another high finish for the 'terror' Oskar in his Tera and confusion over Mike Heeley's RS400.
He was only cruising (in the sailing sense of course), not racing .He was obviously wasting his talents !
Congratulations to the all female bridge crew lets have more please !
After last week's race being postponed April the 18th's race wasn't looking good until a genteel NE got the fleet of 20 going.
Risking all in the volcanic ash the single handers lost out big time in the rising tide.
Simon Cory and Claire Hansell took 1st in their Buzz, Steve and Katie Restall were 2nd  in their RS200 with Martyn Styles and Richard White 3rd in an RS400.
The two 'Erics' in a Hornet seemed to be the craft that was motoring but finished only 4th.  
Having launched and brought boats ashore in swimming trunks l can say the water tem p wasn't too bad but the warm sun helped.
In one corner of our green and pleasant sea a minor triumph of sorts was taking place, the ,launch of Rosie Lord's new and mysterious Comet Mino in battleship grey !
 ' Queen of the Toppers', - 'Deb of the Bytes' is now the 'Mino Minx' ! Shame about the holes in the wetsuit though!
The second spring points on Easter Sunday went smoothly in a standard SW.
Nigel Cureton again took honours in his contender with Chris and Nikki Catt 2nd in an RS200.
Frank Catt took 3rd in his streaker.
The bank holiday Monday ' Marquis Medallion' was a far more exciting affair with some vicious
SW gusts. Dom Johnsons RS800 capsized on no less than 5 occasions with Rick, yet still finished mid- table. Four other boats failed to finish.
Chris Catt took the Medallion in a Streaker, Steve and Judy Restall were 2nd in a RS200
and Richard White and Martyn Styles were 3rd in an RS400.
When all of this was over a brave lone swallow flew past the club perhaps a sign of warmer weather at last.

To quote Elizabeth the 1st, 'It is marvellous in our eyes' that the new racing season is under way in the club's 61st year.
Exquisite fare was doled out at the previous evening's 'fitting out supper' and thanks therefore to all help concerned along with the sterling activities completed at the previous weeks work parties.
What gossip is there ? and what crazy new craft have arrived on the beach ?
The line up on sunday 28th March 2010 was frankly business as usual.........so far ! ( There are rumoours of a lady member with a Moth ! )
Fourteen boats braved cold seas in a run-of-the-mill SW witha few ugly gusts. These sent surprisingly Nigel Cureton to the depths, yet he gained his composure to take the race.
Simon Cory and Claire Hansell were 2nd in a Buzz and Chris Shelton was 3rd in his Phantom.
First blood therefore to the single handers!
Day 1, race 1 , let's hope for a good season, Tally Ho !

Kevin Lord club Hack

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